Software and Hosted Solution Review Form

Using the link below, you can provide information about your technology project. This form is required for new software or hosted solutions (e.g., cloud) that exceed $5000 for the lifecycle of the project. This form must be completed prior to the time the purchase requisition (PR) is routed. This form is not required for software or hosted solution renewals that are within the contract term.

This form does not allow you to save information and come back later to finish, so you will want to collect all of the requested information in advance and enter it at one time. Access to the form requires WebID and password. The form will prompt you for the following information:

  • Contact Info including name of person who "owns" this project and is responsible for its success
  • Product name, version, cost
  • Target user group(s) for the solution
  • Anticipated length of time in years that the solution will be used
  • Description of how the solution will be used
  • Hosting information (e.g., on-premises, cloud)
  • Hosting and operating details
  • Whether solution will involve the storage of sensitive data
  • Interfaces with other systems
  • Acknowledgements of related policies
Software and Hosted Solution Review Form

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